Great Lakes Trek

Trek Route

Srinagar - Shitkadi base campsite - Nichnai via Shekdur - Vishansar and Krishnasar twin lakes - Gadsar Lake via Gadsar Pass - Satsar - Gangabal and Nundkol twin lakes - Naranag

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is an extraordinary trek owing to the marvels of nature wrapped within the pristine lakes.The trek offers a magical view of the lakes traversing their way through the Himalayan glaciers.

What is the total duration and level of the trek and what is the ideal time to visit?
Typically it takes 8 days to complete the trekking journey and explore the lakes in its full glory. The best time to trek would be between July - September as the meadow trail is in its full bloom and the weather conditions with the average temperatures ranging between 18 - 20 degrees in the day and 3-4 degrees at night time. The trekking trail can be categorized in the medium to difficult level with the highest point of the trek being at approximately 14,000 feet.

Gangabal Lake Trek

The Sonmarg Gangabal trek is an 8 days trek starting from the capital city, Srinagar. Situated at a height of 3,570m above sea level, the Gangabal trek is a beautiful yet less explored destination in the valleys of Kashmir. On the way to reach the Gangabal lakes, one has to pass through the magnificent beauty of the Sonamarg meadows, Nichnai pass and Vishansar - Kishnasar lakes. This trek is a haven of lush green forests, pristine lakes and widely spread golden meadows. At every step, the trekkers will come across the beautiful creation of nature in the form of flora and fauna. With the pleasant sight of the Harmukh Mountain, the trek will also give a peak to the lifestyle of the Nomadic tribes settled in the vicinity of the mountains.

Best time for Sonamarg to Gangabal Trek

To explore the hidden gems of this nature’s paradise June-September is the best time to plan the trek. This is a challenging trek and a tough task for the amateur trekkers. A fascinating view of the trek is the Gangabal Lake which is oligotrophic lakes which is a home to rainbow and brown trout fishes. The beauty of the lake defines all the tiredness of the trek.

Trek Route

Srinagar - Sonamarg - Nichnai Pass - Kishnasar Lake - Dubta Pani - Gangabal Lakes

Highest Peak

The highest peak of the is Mt. Haramukh 5,380 m.which is a moderate level trek route.

How to reach Nichnai Basecamp

Sonamarg to Nichani is 4.r hours of walk, which is just 12.5 km away from the Sonamarg.

Srinagar to Sonamarg

From Srinagar the distance is about 85 Km and 3.5 hours of drive, which can be travelled by cab.

Kolahoi Glacier

Trek Route
Srinagar - Aru Valley - Lidderwat - Dudhsar Lake - Kolahoi Glacier Viewpoint - Satlunjan - Aru - Srinagar

Kolahoi Glacier is a beautiful valley glacier situated in the western Himalayas. The 5km long hanging glacier is located just below the Kolahoi Mountain and above the Lidder Valley. The locals have named the glacier as the “Goddess of Light” as it is the only source of water for the Jhelum and Lidder River.

The treks in Kashmir involves beautiful landscapes, crystal clear lakes encircled by dense forests and snow covered mountains. The Kolahoi Glacier trek is another trek in Kashmir which will give you the best view of nature in 5 days. You will get the chance to explore the alpine lakes in Aru valley which moves ahead to the large meadows and Gujjar settlements in the Lidderwat valley and a steep trail towards the Satlunjan and the trek will end at the pinnacle of the Kolahoi Glacier which itself is a magnificent sight to enjoy.

Best time to Visit

To see the beautiful alpine and luscious green valleys the best time to plan the Kolahoi glacier trek is from March to October.
The Kolahoi glacier trek is a moderate trek which can be covered by any person with a good fitness regime. While walking down the trek from Satlunjan you need to have a good grip as you will experience some rocky patches on your way.

Dachigam - Tarsar Marsar Trek.

Route : Srinagar - Dal Lake - Sumbal - Sonmasti - Sundersar - Marsar - Nagbaren - Harwan - Srinagar - Local Sightseeing

Dachigam Marsar trek is moderate in nature and involves walking for most of the part, it is not very well suited for beginners/first-timers. This trek involves walking, this walking is going to be at high altitudes, so if you are not an experienced trekker, you will be unable to keep up with this physically demanding trek. With some prior experience at high altitude trekking, you will be able to complete this trek with ease. The peak of this trek is at 4000 metres and it will be week-long trek. You will be starting from Sumbal and end at Dachigam.

The trail passes through Marsar Lake. Along your trail you will get to see some very picturesque meadows, some snow-covered mountains of course, and some pretty calm and peaceful streams too. To make it easier for you, we have made a detailed itinerary of your trek as follows.

Highest Peak : The highest peak of the Tarsar and Marsar trek is 13,500ft.which is a moderate level trek route.
How to reach Aru : Aru is a small village in near Pahalgam, which is just 12km away from the Pahalgam.
Srinagar to Aru Pahalgam : From Srinagar, the village is at a distance of 3-4 hours which can be travelled by cab.


Route : Srinagar Sonmarg - Nichnai - Vishansar Lake - Krishansar Lake - Meghnadoab - Zajibal Pass - Gangabal Lake - Kundsar Lake - Sarbal - Poshpatri.

There are a lot of treks in Kashmir but not one of them is as unique as the Sonamarg-Vishansar-Bandipora trek. Needless to say, this is a mega-trek. You will get to experience the beauty of more than 50 Mountains lakes. Snow-clad mountains all around add to the beauty of this trek. Well, that is not it. In addition to Mountains lakes and snow-covered mountains, you also get to walk through lush green meadows.

While all these provide you eternal beauty, the trek is not one of the easy ones. It is going to be tiresome and difficult at times. So, we suggest that beginners or first-timers do not undertake this trek as they would certainly not be able to cope with the physical demands of the trek. Experienced trekkers will avail the full benefits of this trek and enjoy the beauty to its fullest. It is a 12-day-long trek. Following is a detailed itinerary of the aforementioned trek.


Vishansar Lake Trek is one of the most magnificent hikes and is well known as the “5 Great lakes”

It’s a place for lovers, for mountaineers, for families, for individuals who want to be lost in the white and pristine serenity this place offers. This Vishansar Lake Trek is one of the most magnificent hikes and is well known as the “5 Great lakes”.

“Kashmir, the rest was worthless” - aptly quoted by emperor Jehangir. Kashmir has it all for one and all. The Sonamarg Vishansar Naranag trek gives you perfectscenic beauty in this land is worth more dimes than one can spend on. The land is a beautiful culmination of natural beauty and the historic incidents that have left marks on this precious land. It has grandeur, charisma and the attraction that sets the travellers in motion for this paradise.


The Wadwan Pahalgam trek is another trek best budget trek of Kashmir. which will give a peak to the isolated villages situated amidst the valleys. This 6-day trek from Wadwan to Pahalgam will take you to explore the lifestyle of nomads and witness the village life in the mountain areas.This place has been a famous location for shooting of Bollywood movies since a long time. Pahalgam is another gem located in the lap of the northern Himalayan region. It is the basecamp for the famous Amarnath pilgrimage trek. The valley also attracts a lot of adventure enthusiasts as this place is a landmark for major treks in Kashmir.


Durinar is the highest Mountains lake in Kashmir province. It provides a panoramic view of the valley, a sight that will etched in your mind forever.The trek will be covered in 6 days and you will get to visit many underrated and unvisited lakes and meadows. It is a moderate trek but a little prior experience in high altitude trekking will help you. Following is a detailed itinerary at your disposal to make your trek easier and structured.

Trek Route :
Srinagar - Sarbal village - Durinar lake - Granite rock - Bear Valley - Sonmarg

Highest Peak :
The highest peak of the Durinar Lake trek is 13,800 “ft” which is a moderate level trek route.

Duration - Best time to visit  : Mid-April to October

Srinagar to Sarbal village
From Srinagar, the Sarbal is at a distance of 3.5 hours which can be travelled by taxi cab.


Lidderwat is considered ideal for camping and is known as the perfect place to spend some quality hours with friends beside a bonfire. Trek to this wonderful place can be a walk or a pony ride which is equally satisfying. Lidderwat also serves a base camp for certain treks. There is only one tea stall in the valley which provides the basic edibles and probably is the only chance of human interaction after leaving Aru valley. Aru valley is the first stoppage of the tour and the best place to take rest for the trekkers in the journey. Overnight stay in the camping site of Lidderwat after setting up.

Trekking Equipment

Trekking poles and mats will be given to the trekkers. First aid will be there for emergencies.


Two-way transport of SUV cars will be provided for a convenient drive. Horses to carry backpacks.


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). Camping Waterproof Tents, warm sleeping bags, ropes, mats, blankets.


Tulian lake is the one which is surrounded by Pir Panjal and Zanskar ranges.
Tulian lake Trek is one of the best site for short trek expeditions for nature lovers and people who are willing to have some good photos of their own and load their cameras.

Lakes remains frozen in winters:

This lake remains frozen for a few months in the winter but it stays welcoming for the rest of the year, even though it has pieces of ice floating in them in those times, the Tulian lake unleashes the better side of the nature. This trek is considered a tour that tests your muscle power but the rewards it offers for the efforts are sweet. The expedition lasts for 6 hours and covers 16 km in the mountainous route and is an extremely adventurous experience for the trekkers.

Location : Pahalgam

Elevation : 3300 m
Best Time to Visit : May to November
Duration : 2 to 3 days
Local Tour Guides
Kashmiri Local Guide : Local Trek leaders are a reason to trek with Acquaintance of a guide/helper and Cook.

Trekking Equipment :
Trekking poles and mats will be given to the trekkers. First aid will be there for emergencies.
Transportation : Two-way transport of SUV cars will be provided for a convenient drive. Horses to carry backpacks.
Meals and Accommodation : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). Camping Waterproof Tents, warm sleeping bags, ropes, mats, blankets.