Kashmir Tulip Festival
Govt of Jammu and Kashmir organizes Kashmir Tulip festival every year to celebrate the onset of tourism season in Kashmir in the month of April as part of Bahaar-e-Kashmir event in Srinagar.

This festival is intended to bring more tourists to valley of Kashmir and many programmes like cultural events , music shows, food festival and travel agents conferences are organized by the government during this period.

You can book a Kashmir Tulip Garden Tour from Indeed Holidays Srinagar to be a part of Kashmir Tulip Festival 2022, Srinagar Tulip Garden will be opened for public from 23rd Mach 2022. Kashmir Tulip Festival is celebrated every year in the month of april.

Every year tulip garden is opened for public in the month of March when the tulips start to bloom in the garden. The Garden remains open till end of April and then its closed for public. According to commissioner/secretary of the Floriculture department Sheikh Fayaz because of comparatively better weather this season, the tulip garden is to be be thrown open earlier than usual this year 2022.

The best time to visit Srinagar Tulip Garden and see the tulips in full bloom is from 1st to 3rd week of April. In 2019 2.59 Lakh people visited this garden including foreign and domestic tourists. Which generated a revenue of Rs 58 lakh for the department of Tourism Govt.of Jammu and Kashmir.

Types Of Tulips To Look For
A tulip festival is a must-attend event that shouldn’t be missed by nature lovers, fans, aficionados, flower enthusiasts, tulip lovers, and tourists worldwide. There is a wide variety of these spellbinding flowers; some of them are listed below that you should look out for.

1. Standard Tulips - that you can find at any florist.

2. Double Bloom - this one has many layers instead of just one petal.

3. Parrot Tulips - They look like ruffled petals in various hues resembling the plumage of a parrot.

4. Single Late Tulips - cup-shaped tulips with a wide variety of colors.

5. Lily - They have long and pointed petals with an arch at the tips.

6. Fringed - they have a fringy and frilly shape and edges.

7. Fosteriana - they have a pretty bud.

Let’s see how many you can spot!

Highlights Of Tulip Festival In Kashmir
Every year there is something new added to this festival of blooming flowers. Many interesting highlights have been added to this year’s avatar of the tulip festival.

1. More varieties of flowers have been added this year which will amplify the beauty of this festival.

2. The authorities have introduced surplus facilities like free Wi-Fi and added more fountains, toilets, and water drinking points.

3. Ornamental plants like Daffodils, Narcissus, and Hyacinths are planted in the garden to add more beauty to the tulip festival in Kashmir.

4. Souvenirs, Kashmiri food, and handicrafts will be available to enjoy by the visitors at the decorated stalls outside the tulip garden.